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New Jersey Antique Radio Club

NJARC 2021 DX Contest
  15-24 January 2021

Rules (.pdf)

Log Sheets (.pdf)

Log Sheets in EXCEL

Log Sheets in EXCEL - Large Print

Station List

Distances (.pdf)

Target List & Dial Calibration - NYC

Target List & Dial Calibration - Phila.

Al's story from 2004

Radio DX Videos And more DX info
on the Radio Technology Museum Site.

A few helpful websites:

Distance Calculator

Medium-Wave List

FCC Database



Simple radios, crystal sets and one-tubers, will require an outside antenna to "get DX."  However, with a more sensitive radio, a rotatable loop antenna will allow you to null out a station and listen to another on the same frequency.  Here's plans for a simple loops you can throw together: 

Homebrew Loop Antennas

Last update 27 November 2022